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Let's save energy, protect the environment and create jobs by putting sustainable buildings at the top of the agenda.


of all electricity produced in America is consumed by buildings


of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in America come from  buildings


the total square footage of the globe’s building stock will double by 2060, equal to  building a  brand-new New York City every single month for the next 40 years


jobs created in constructing, retrofitting and running energy efficient buildings in 2018 alone 



support passing laws that make buildings more efficient, including large majorities from both parties.

Green Buildings and Jobs

Learn more about the job creation potential of sustainable buildings!

Our Vision

Significant reductions in energy and water use in buildings are possible -  if we have the poltical will. 

Election 2020

Where do the 2020 candidates for president stand on sustainable buildngs?

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