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Our Mission

Together we can cut the energy and water use in America’s buildings in half by 2040, creating millions of well-paying jobs, bringing manufacturing back and reducing the impacts of climate change.




To create a broad network of the creators and users of buildings to advance policies that transform America's buildings as an essential component of U.S. sustainability and economic policy.

Why Buildings?

The spaces where we live, work, learn and play account for 39% of the CO2 emissions in the United States, consume 70% of the nation’s electricity and use more than 17 trillion gallons of water each year.


In turn, the building industry generates billions of dollars of economic activity each year and creates millions of well-paying jobs in every state and region.


Making buildings that save energy and water helps us achieve environmental policy goals. And they create millions of well-paying jobs while boosting the manufacturing sector.


A Broad, Connected Coalition

Buildings should be at the heart of any plan to improve the environment, reduce the consumption of natural resources and protect the public from natural hazards. But the building sector is too often overlooked and undervalued.


There is no single coalition that joins those who create buildings and those who use them for the sole purpose of advancing policies that put Americans to work making buildings more sustainable.


BuildingAction unites diverse voices from multiple parts of the economy—and from both sides of the aisle—to urge policymakers to put buildings at the top of the agenda.


Together, we can make sure that buildings are part of the solution.


Our Plan

There is no time to waste. The need to make significant investments in greening buildings is greater than ever. But so is the opportunity.


BuildingAction will focus on three core functions to build the influence of the green building sector at all levels of government.

ADVOCATING for bipartisan policies to help cut the energy and water use of America’s buildings in half by 2040.

BUILDING AWARENESS among policymakers and the public about the impact of sustainable buildings on the economy and environment.

UNITING those who create buildings with those who use them to build political and policy clout at all levels of government.


Add Your Voice.

Show you support more sustainable buildings by joining BuildingAction.

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