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Statement on Nomination of Gov. Jennifer Granholm as  Secretary of Energy


February 5, 2021

BuildingAction, the Coalition for Sustainable Buildings, today released the following statement in support of former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm’s nomination as Secretary of Energy:

“BuildingAction urges the Senate to confirm Jennifer Granholm as Secretary of Energy. Her record of economic development and job creation through the promotion of energy efficiency and clean technology will prove invaluable when leading federal efforts to transform America’s buildings.


“As we stated in our recommendations to Congress, with the right policies in place we can dramatically cut the energy and water use in our buildings, create millions of well-paying American jobs, boost the manufacturing sector, and reduce the impacts of climate change.


“The U.S. Department of Energy plays an essential role in making our nation’s building stock more sustainable by supporting better energy codes, increased energy efficiency, a 21st century electric grid and more. Governor Granholm has a strong track record helping the business community move towards a clean energy economy. BuildingAction looks forward to Governor Granholm’s confirmation and to working with her to foster the next generation of sustainable, healthy buildings for all Americans.”


About BuildingAction


BuildingAction is a nonprofit coalition comprised of companies and organizations involved in the creation and use of buildings, from single family homes to skyscrapers and everything in between. Launched in 2020, BuildingAction unites diverse voices from multiple parts of the economy—and from both sides of the aisle—to advance federal policies that transform America's buildings as an essential component of U.S. sustainability and economic policy. For more information, visit

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