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2020 Congressional Candidate Survey Results

The responses to the BuildingAction 2020 Congressional candidates questionnaire show there is hope for bipartisan action on legislation to make buildings more sustainable – and that elected officials want to be engaged with the building sector.

More than 115 candidates for the House and Senate responded to the first-ever questionnaire, which asked candidates their views on various proposals to make buildings more sustainable, resilient and healthier.


Here are some of the topline results:

  • Of the respondents, 45% were Democrats, 21% were Republicans, and 34% were Independents or other parties.


  • Among respondents, 82% were candidates for the House, while 18% were running for the Senate. Incumbents made up 13% of respondents.


  • Responses came from 35 states, representing 88% of the U.S. population


  • When asked if they would work with the building sector to transform buildings, including joining caucuses, if elected, 89% said they would.


  • Support for specific building-related policies was strong among candidates regardless of party:

    • 85% support expanding tax incentives for energy efficient buildings

    • 84% support homeowner rebates for energy efficiency

    • 80% support making buildings more resilient from disasters

    • 79% support retrofitting schools, community centers, and libraries

    • 72% support helping states, localities adopt up-to-date energy building codes


  • A majority of both republican and Democratic candidates, as well as Independent/Other candidates, supported most policy proposals, although support was higher among Democrats.



Click here for detailed results.

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