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COVID-19 and Buildings

As the world confronts the coronavirus pandemic and policymakers grapple with the health and economic consequences, the building sector has an important role to play in keeping building occupants safe and driving economic recovery once the pandemic passes.


BuildingAction was formed to create a broad network of stakeholders in the building community and ensure that the transformation of buildings plays a central role in major policy debates. Right now, there is no more critical policy goal than addressing the health and economic consequences of COVID-19.


We are conducting a survey of common-sense and quickly deployable policy ideas, initiatives and tools to put the building sector to work improving the safety and health of the buildings where first responders, essential personnel and at risk populations work on the front lines of this fight.


To share examples of ways in which the building sector can help address COVID-19, please email us.

BuildingAction Webinars

Apartment Building

Transforming America's Buildings to Drive the Recovery

April 20, 2020

Buildings that save energy and keep people healthy are not only good for the environment - they create jobs and strengthen manufacturing.

As the world confronts the triple challenges of a pandemic, an economic crisis and a rapidly changing environment, the building sector can play a leading role in driving the recovery through better buildings.

Transforming America's Buildings brought together building sector leaders with representatives from the business and workforce communities to share the latest policy ideas to make our buildings healthier and more sustainable.

BuildingAction COVID-19 Building Recovery & Relief Webinar

BuildingAction held a webinar April 2 to explore policy ideas to help ensure a healthy built environment, both as an immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to spur long-term economic recovery.

View the slides here.


COVID-19 Resources

General Information

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Small Business Relief Information

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White House

Paycheck Protection Program information


Procurement Information

Coronavirus Acquisition-Related Information and Resources

GSA Resources


Agency-Specific Information

Labor Department workplace resources

HUD resources

IRS tax resources

ExIm Bank resources

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