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Statement on President Biden's American Jobs Plan


March 31, 2021

BuildingAction, the Coalition for Sustainable Buildings, today released the following statement about the release of President Biden's American Jobs Plan:

"The American Jobs Plan announced by President Biden today is a good first step towards the goal of transforming America’s buildings to meet the economic and environmental challenges we face. BuildingAction is encouraged that the plan invests in energy efficient and affordable housing, safer and more sustainable schools and public buildings, and more resilient communities.


"America’s nearly 125 million buildings consume more energy than the transportation and industrial sectors. Investing in the next generation of sustainable buildings not only helps the environment, it creates jobs and stimulates America’s manufacturing sector. That’s why BuildingAction is bringing together a diverse coalition of the creators and users of buildings to advocate for policies that recognize the awesome potential of better buildings to help our country 'build back better.'


"The American Jobs Plan is an important down payment towards achieving that goal; now we call on Congress to seize this once-in-a-generation opportunity and enact bipartisan legislation that truly transforms America’s buildings."


About BuildingAction


BuildingAction is a nonprofit coalition comprised of companies and organizations involved in the creation and use of buildings, from single family homes to skyscrapers and everything in between. Launched in 2020, BuildingAction unites diverse voices from multiple parts of the economy—and from both sides of the aisle—to advance federal policies that transform America's buildings as an essential component of U.S. sustainability and economic policy. For more information, visit

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